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colour change alloy wheels from silver to black

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair


Kerb damage

From light scuffs to major scrapes on any colour painted alloy wheel.

Colour change

You can totally change the look of your car by changing the colour of your wheels. If you are able to email a photo of the side view of your car then we could give you an insight into what colour would be best.

Diamond cut wheels

Although we can repair most types of diamond cut wheels to make them look like the original wheel, we cannot replicate the diamond cut finish. If you are wanting the exact finishes on the wheels then take a look at The Wheel Doctor

It can be really frustrating when you pull up next to the kerb and you feel your alloys lightly brush against the edge of the pavement. You think to yourself, I only just touched it so it probably hasn't done any damage, only to find that when you look at your alloy wheels there is a large section of your wheel that is missing it's paint finish and looks mangled.

If this happens to you, Don't despair! Your alloy wheels can be restored back to their original finish at a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new wheel.

We can send out an alloy wheel specialist to your home address or to your place of work* to do the repair so all you have to do is pick up the phone and arrange a day that's convenient for you.

To carry out the repair our alloy wheel specialist will remove the wheel from the vehicle and push the tyre back away from the rim enabling him to get full access to the entire damage without being obstructed by the tyre. he will then re-grind the rim or in more severe cases fill the damage before priming, painting and lacquering the alloy wheel to restore it to it's original finish. The wheel is then placed under an infra red lamp to cure the lacquer. The tyre is then reinflated to the desired pressure (because the tyre has not been removed entirely, when the tyre is reinflated there is no need for re-balancing). The alloy wheel is then replaced on the vehicle and because the wheel has been cured under the infra red lamp, the vehicle is ready to drive as soon as the alloy wheel specialist has left.

If your alloy wheels are damaged or even if they're not, you might fancy a change from your standard silver alloys. Our alloy wheel specialist can change the colour of your alloys which will alter the appearence of your car. It is always hard to visualise what your car will look like with a different coloured wheel so if you email us a photo of the side view of your car we will email you back with photo's of your car with your wheels in a selection of different colours so that you can see what the car will look like and help you decide on the colour that suits your car best.**

The main areas our alloy wheel specialists cover is Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Brighouse and surrounding areas. However if you are outside these areas we may still be able to make it to you so call or email us and let us know where you are wanting us to do the alloy wheel repair and we will let you know if and when we can make it out to you.



*If the alloy repair is to be carried out at your place of work, you would have to make sure that there is a place to park the alloy wheel repair van near a power point as the vehicle needs to be plugged in to power some machinery. Our alloy wheel specialists have extention leads on board but for health and safety reasons we cannot be expected to trail wires across car parks.

**If you email us with a photo please allow a couple of days for the photo's to be emailed back as we need time to alter the photo's before mailing them back to you.

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