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Locking Wheel Nut Removal

We can remove all types of locking wheel nuts, including Range Rover and Jaguar.

There's only one thing worse than getting a flat tyre, that is getting a flat tyre and then realizing that you don't have a locking wheel nut key to remove your wheel.

When you buy a car it is the last thing on your mind but you should always check that there is a locking wheel nut key with the car. Some cars are sold without the locking wheel nut key, it may be that the garage has taken the car in part exchange and the locking wheel nut key has been lost and they are unable to get a replacement. If this is the case and you spot that there is no locking wheel nut key then you should ask the garage to remove the locking wheel nuts prior to your purchase. If the garage has no means to remove the locking wheel nuts then you could always pass on our number and we would remove them and charge it to the garage.

Maybe your locking wheel nut key has been lost, in some cases the locking wheel nut can break leaving you with no way of removing the nut without damaging the alloy wheel.

Whatever happens to your locking wheel nut key to stop you from removing your wheels then give us a call. We can remove all types of locking wheel nut without causing any damage to your alloy wheels. We can remove your locking wheel nuts anywhere so if you have a flat tyre you do not have to transport the vehicle to us because we will come to you.

We cover Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and Brighouse but if you are outside these areas we may still be able to get to you so give us a call or email us and let us know where you are and we will tell you if and when we can get to you to remove your locking wheel nuts.


If your locking wheel nuts have been damaged by previous attemps to remove the locking nut or if you or anyone else over-tighten the locking wheel nut then we cannot guarantee that we wil be able to remove the locking wheel nuts but we will still be willing to try.


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