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Plastic welding

It's bad enough scuffing and scraping bumpers but if you've had more of an impact than a scrape then it may leave you with a crack, split or even a tear in your plastic bumper.

If you do have a split in your bumper and you take it to a bodyshop for a quote, depending how bad the split is they may tell you that you need a new bumper. If this has happened to you then why not send us an email of the damage and we wil be able to tell you if we are able to weld and repair your bumper at a fraction of the cost of replacing the bumper.

On board our smart repair vans we have state of the art plastic welding equiptment. The plastic welding process starts by realigning the pieces of the split bumper and melting a fine mesh into both sides to hold the pieces together. Then a special plastic welding rod is melted and smoothed over the damaged area. Once the plastic weld has cooled it can be sanded, filled and re-shaped and then primed, painted and lacquered or a texture repair can be completed depending on the finish of the bumper.

All this can be done as a mobile service at your home address or place of work* so unlike if you took your car to a bodyshop, you don't have to go without your car for days on end.

We cover Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and Brighouse but if you are outside these areas we may still be able to get out to you so call or email us and let us know where you are wanting the plastic weld carried out and we will let you know if and when we can get out to you.



*If you want the plastic repair carried out at your place of work you would have to make sure there is somewhere to park the smart repair van near a power point and the vehicle to be repaired needs to be parked next to the smart repair van. We have extention leads on board but due to health and safety we cannot be expected to trail cables across car parks.


plastic weld repair to nissan rear bumper