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BMW bumper scuff

Smart Repair Service

These services include:

Bumper repairs

From light scuffs to cracked or dented bumpers (see also plastic welding).

Wing mirror casing repairs

Scuffed or cracked wing mirror casings can be repaired at a lower cost than replacing them.

Light scratch removal

Light scratches that haven't broken through the paint can usually be removed by finely sanding the surface of the lacquer, then a three stage polishing process can be carried out to restore the paintwork to it's original glossy condition.

There's so many things that can happen to damage your bumpers or wing mirrors on your car. You could be squeezing out of a tight parking space thinking you can make it when you see the other car wobble slightly as you scrape past the corner of it just removing the top layer of paint. Maybe you get into your car forgetting about the low level bollard behind you and reverse straight into it leaving a nasty dent in the bumper. The worst kind of bumper scuff is the one that just appears on it's own when you leave your car in a car park, when you return to the car you know the damage wasn't there when you left it but when you check the windscreen to see if someone has left a note with their insurance details, it's never there. There is always the chance that you have scraped someone elses car and rather than the third party claiming on your motor insurance you might want to have the damage repaired for them (in most cases a bumper repair is cheaper than your insurance excess and in some cases you could have both cars repaired for less than your insurance excess).

Whatever happened to cause the damage, our mobile smart repair specialist can repair your bumper scuff at your home address or in most cases at your place of work.*

Unlike a lot of smart repairers our mobile smart repair specialists use high quality bodyshop products. On board our smart repair vehicles is a full waterbase paint scheme, enabling our specialists to mix the correct colour for your car there and then. We also use a high solid 2K lacquer that can be cured with the aid of an infra red lamp so your completed smart repair will be polished up and your vehicle will be ready to drive as soon as our smart repair van has pulled away.

We take pride in what we do and although there are cheap, fast drying products out there, we believe that this sacrifices quality for speed. these products may look ok when the repair is first done but over time the repair will start to dull off or even start to flake off. We may not be the fastest smart repairers out there but we strive to be the best, that is why we offer a 6 month guarantee on all our paint repairs.

Give us a call or send some photo's of your damage to get an estimate. REMEMBER, IN MOST CASES A SMART REPAIR COSTS LESS THAN YOUR INSURANCE EXCESS.

Our smart repair vehicles operate in Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and Brighouse but if you are outside these areas we may still be able to get to you so give us a call or email us to let us know where you are wanting us to do the smart repair and we will let you know if and when we can get out to you.


*If you are wanting your vehicle repaired at your place of work then you would have to make sure the smart repair vehicle can be parked near a power point and the vehicle to be repaired must be next to the smart repair vehicle. The smart repair vans have extention leads on board but due to health and safety we cannot be expected to trail wires across car parks.

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