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Plastic, Textured Bumper and Trim Repair

Whether your plastic bumpers or trims are just faded or they are scuffed, it can make your car look old or past it's best. Just by restoring your plastics back to the original finish it can totally transform the appearance of your car.

Our mobile alloy wheel & smart repair vehicles carry a range of plastic & texture coatings in a limited range of colours (mainly black and different shades of grey and smoke).

If your plastics are scuffed our repairers start by cleaning up the area to be repaired and the plastic is treated with a bonding agent. The damage is then filled and sanded smooth before an adheasion promoter is applied and then a plastic primer. the repaired area is then sprayed with a texture coat and finally the top coat of colour is applied.

We can do this type of repair anywhere without the need to have the smart repair vehicle plugged into a power point because all the plastic repair products are applied using aerosol cans.*

This process can be applied even after a bumper has been plastic welded so if there is a crack in your bumper do not dispare!

Although we cover Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford and Brighouse, if you are outside this area we may still be able to get out to you so give us a call to let us know where you are wanting the plastic, textured bumper or trim repair and we will be able to tell you if and when we can get out to you.



*If your bumper is cracked and needs plastic welding then the smart repair vehicle will need access to a power point to operate the plastic welding equiptment.


plastic textured bumper trim repair


scuffed plastic textured wheel arch trim